Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Daily Bread: Nehemiah

I was cleaning up my house and uncovered a page that was torn out of a notebook and was dated July 30th.  Now, I'm guessing that because these were notes that I'd obviously taken in church, they must be from 2007 before I had kids!  Since having kids, the times that I've been able to actually take notes in church have been few and far between.  

Anyway, in these notes the preacher was talking about Nehemiah, the man given the task of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.  My notes say, "God wants us to use our lives for a specific purpose.  We are placed on this earth with gifts and talents that are waiting to be used for a divine purpose and until we accomplish that purpose we will find emptiness."  

Now what came next really hit me hard.  "Nothing can prevent you from doing the work that is required to fill your purpose.  But it won't necessarily be easy.  Struggle is necessary.  When you have to struggle you appreciate your purpose more.  Struggle gauges your level of commitment.  Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our lives because struggle qualifies you to help others.  When you've stood your ground and weathered the storm you are a help to others.  Thank God for the struggle.  There is not testimony without a test.  There is no victory without a battle."   

Given my last post of Dry Bones, I think maybe God is trying to tell me something.  --Lady S.  

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