About Us!

The mission of Peace of Mine Ladies is to provide information and encouragement to ladies seeking to fortify themselves in the Word, cultivate an atmosphere of peace in their homes and lives, and take better care of themselves so that they can, in turn, be better mothers, daughters, wives, girlfriends, colleagues, sisters, and friends.

Meet the Ladies behind Peace of Mine:

Hello world! My name is Articecia. I am a 31-year-old married to a loving husband, who is a minister and journalist. I am mother of one with another one on the way :-)  My son inspires me every day. My focus as a mother is to mold positive self-esteem within my children and letting them know that they are loved.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Secondary Education.  My goal is to become a math teacher and to mentor women who need to be uplifted, enlightened and motivated. 

As a busy mother, wife, student and someone who is working full-time, I realize that have to find time to be able to fortify my mind, body, and spirit.  Learning how to maintain balance in your life is essential when you have a plate full of responsibilities. Therefore, I have dedicated my life to walking with and developing a closer relationship with God – for me! I realize that I have to care for the temple within in order to be a loving, productive part of my family and the world as a whole. 

My desire to strengthen myself has produced an urge to share my tips and techniques for peaceful living with women all around the world. I hope and pray that you are inspired!  
~ Lady A 


Hi! My name is Richa. I am a writer, stylist, and event coordinator. Becoming these things are goals of mine, so though they have not tangibly come to fruition, the first step along the journey is to claim my destiny each dayI'm happily married to a minister. We are parents to 4, soon to-be 5, sweet yet rambunctious children. You ask me how do I do it? Plenty of prayer, support and love from my "village".

As a co-contributor to this blog, my intention is to share my experiences and ideas with whomever is willing to listen, in hopes that I can inspire and/or encourage just a few (myself included) to live a more abundant life.

-Lady R.


Hello.  My name is Shayla.  I am a child of God, married to a wonderful minister, loving mother of two, and an attorney… in that order!  I’m also a daughter, a big sister, an aunt, an auntie, a best friend, and a teacher in my church’s department of religious education.  I take all of my jobs seriously, but I recognize for me to be good to other people, I first have to be good to myself.  I’ve learned that by actively courting the Spirit of Peace in my life, I have become a better wife and a better mother, a better sister and a better friend.  I hope this blog will serve as a tool to strengthen women and encourage them to search for their own peace, so that they too can be better.  --Lady S.