Friday, October 21, 2011

Daily Word: Lord lift me up!

Today there was no one scripture on my heart but a line from a gospel song.

Lord lift me up, and let me stand….. Plant my feet on higher ground.

Often times we are physically standing on our own and getting around but our emotional, mental, and physical state is in need of a lift.  I know for myself there was a point in my life when I looked great and felt fine but inside I was in need of a pick me up.

Lifting Process

According to the dictionary, “lift” means to raise from a lower to a higher position, to elevate.  When things are going on in your life often times you need to be lifted to another level of happiness and joy in the midst of your dark hour.  Just because you are going through something doesn’t mean you have to be down with the problem.  When you ask the Lord to lift you up that signifies that you want God to raise you to a level that will allow you to get through what is going on in your life.  Lifting you up gives you the strength and the will power to move forward.  It gives you the spiritual sight of hope, promise, and victory.  It can enable you to deal with a health issue that may be fatal, or care for a loved one without losing yourself in the process.  If you lose your job and it is difficult to make ends meet God will lift you just enough so you can continue to go onward.  

To plant means to put or set in the ground for growth.  There is nothing written in the book of life that says you will not be tested or tried.  However, if your roots are planted in the ground/foundation of God and the Ten Commandments, the only thing possible is to grow from every situation in your life and come out with a testimony.  When my grandfather passed, I couldn’t understand why my grandmother didn’t appear to mourn, but she would thank God for allowing him to reach his 80s and that he was able to live a good and long, healthly life serving the Lord.  Yes, she was wounded, but her healing was coming from God; he was her strength.  Do you ever think about how a tree can live for hundreds of years within a spot without being uprooted?  It is constantly nurtured by the soil in which it is planted.  The soil is the source of strength, its means to grow, and source of food.  You can be planted just as a tree, with your roots being love, goodness, mercy, strength and durability. Your source is God and he will nourish you with spiritual food always.  If you haven’t already started calling on God more often, now is the time to thank God more often and love God as if your life depended on it.  

Higher Ground
What can be higher than the ground you’re standing on?  Earlier I talked about being lifted high enough to see over your problems.  This higher ground is a level of insight from God.  It is the eye that allows you to somehow see clearly during disasters.  It allows you the ability to see past the problem and reach for the solution.  It is a slight elevation that allows you to hover over the storm and see your way through.  When you are on this ground you see with your heart and you stay up, positive and motivated.  You might have no money to go to college, yet you stay determined and apply to any and every school even if you don’t have the means to pay for it.  How?  You’re on a higher ground that allows you to know that there is something bright in your future and a door WILL open.  You know that your circumstance is temporary and not permanent.  The higher ground allowed you to be just above the situation and gave you the energy to go, go on, and keeping on going because you will reach your predestined mark in due time.  Lady ~ A

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